Muaaz Industries has been working since 2010. Our factory area is spread over 36,000 sq/feet. More than 70 highly trained worker who produce best quality products under one roof.
Our “Bath Tec” Products are made through proper research by our R&D department. We manufacture high quality bathtubs & every part of the tub is meet to international quality standards.
We produce the best quality bath tubs in wide range of different design, which you can choose according to your space, requirements & interior.

High Quality Features

Faucet Materials

High quality faucet copper material:
Copper is currently the best material for faucet manufacturing and almost all mainstream high brands on the market are copper faucets.


High-quality aerator:
The high quality aerator can make the flowing water and air fully mixed to produce a foaming effect.

Ceramic Cartridge

High-quality ceramic cartridge:
It has the advantages of high-temperature resistance, chemical corrosion resistance, wear resistance, high mechanical strength and good lubricating properties.

Quality Products

Bath Tec uses high quality sanitary grade cast acrylic sheet with a 10 years warranty with solid wood core and woven roving fiberglass providing you with durability.